Beginner/Adv. Beginner Junior Tennis

Players will be taught the fundamentals of tennis. This will include forehand and backhand, serving and scoring.

Beginner7-10Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday4-5 pm$95 per session
Beginner11-14Wednesday5-6 pm$95 per session
Adv. Beginner7-10Thursday5-6 pm$95 per session

Intermediate/ Advanced Junior Tennis

Learn the basics of tactical play in both singles and doubles. Players will be introduced to topspin and learn how to differentiate between a volley action and a ground stroke action. A variety of serve progressions will be taught and return of serve will be covered in each class.

Intermediate7-10Monday5-6 pm$95 per session
Intermediate10-14Wednesday4-5 pm$95 per session

Sessions run every 5 weeks so give us a call and find out when the next one starts!
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